Kampong Chhnang

91 km from Phnom Penh
Population: - inhabitants

  Kampong Chhnang - kompong chhnang floating village

General information about Kampong Chhnang

Located between Pursat and Phnom Penh, the town of Kampong Chhnang (yes, we find both spellings) is on the Tonle Sap river banks. This is one of our heart strokes in Cambodia !

In Khmer, Kampong Chhnang means Port of the Pottery. Capital of the province that bears his name, the city does not attract many tourists yet. It has the charm of provincial towns in Cambodia with a little extra: its floating villages. Their visit is nicer than visiting floating villages around Siem Reap and more particularly that visiting Chong Kneas where youre more a wallets than a human being. Contiguous to the city, the two floating villages of Kampong Chhang are neighbors. You can visit them with villagers taking you o a tour on their boats. We advice you to take that tour at the end of the day when the raking light create beautiful reflections on the water and maybe you will have a beautiful sunset on the village too.

Near the river front, there are rustic wooden stilt houses. A neighborhood I love to nickname the floating village on land. In the dry season, they cultivate the land made fertile when the water covered it up. Otherwise, the other attraction of Kompong Chhnang, is his countryside. You have only 2 kilometers to go to find yourself in the middle of rice fields and browse the rudimentary houses with many potters workshops and palm sugar manufacturers.

For those who want to discover the charm of an authentic Cambodia with floating villages, rice fileds, farmers, potters, a typical market ... one step at Komphong Chhnang seems to be a good idea.

Practical information and advices

Buses between Battambang and Phnom Penh all go to Komphong Chhnang. It takes 2 hours to come from Phnom Penh. The gas station near the monument of Vietnamese-Cambodian friendship is also a bus terminal. You have a little office of the bus company 168 Sorya Transport.

How to ask to go to Kampong Chhnang ?

Useful addresses in Kampong Chhnang

Tourist Police: 1155