157 km from Phnom Penh
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General information about Krakor

The tiny town of Krakor itself would probably not interest many travelers if it was not so close to one of the most famous floating villages in Cambodia, Kompong Luong that is more or less close to the town depending on the season and the level of the Tonle Sap. It is more practical to stay in Krakor than in Pursat to visit it. Here you will be right next door, you can even go by walking to the starting point of the boats (by motorcycle it is $ 1-2). The city is built around the highway and its market There are two guesthouses and even a third one on the way to Kompong Luong.

Practical information and advices

Krakor is a traditional provincial town which turns off a little after 7pm. Try to have dinner before otherwise it will be hard find open restaurants or stores .
*There is only one ATM in Krakor, at Acleda Bank next to the Paris Guesthouse.

How to ask to go to Krakor ?

Useful addresses in Krakor

Tourist Police: 1155