185 km from Phnom Penh
Population: 220 000 inhabitants

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General information about Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville , formerly Kompong Som ( which means literally pleasant port) is probably the most famous seaside city in Cambodia . It has sandy beaches overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Developed by the French who built the deep water port, the city consists of three distinct main areas: the city center (downtown) , Victory Hill and Occheutal beach where most of the tourists go and most pensions and hotels are. Victory Hill is generally frequented by backpackers but the beach lacks a bit of charm and faces the industrial port. The Occheutal and Serendipity beaches, however, are more enjoyable and lively especially in the evening. A few kilometers to the west, there is Otres beach, more natural and quiet.
The city does not offer much interesting attractions. There are a few temples like Wat Leu offering a panoramic view over the city and the bay but people especially go to Sihanoukkville for relaxing and enjoying the beaches.

Practical information and advices

The Sihanoukville bus terminal is located in the town a few kilometers from the beaches. Many motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks will offer their services to you lead to Occheutal beaches and Serendipity (2-3 dollars). There are also a few taxis in Sihanoukville. Borrow usually costs a bit more expensive.
Most hotels and guesthouses rent bikes for $2 per day.

How to ask to go to Sihanoukville ?

Useful addresses in Sihanoukville

Tourist Police: 1155