Money & ATM in Cambodia

Cost of living

Cost of living in Cambodia. You can eat or find a place to stay for a few dollars. It is quite easy to find a room for les than $10 and eat very well for about 2-3 dollars. Tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi rides are also very cheap compared to our western prices.

Credit card

ATM and credit card. ATM are almost everywhere in the country now. As long as you stay in tourist destinations you will have no trouble withdrawing money. In rural areas, it will be more complicated. Each withdrawal will cost you a 3$ commission.
Visa and Mastercard are increasingly accepted to pay in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Particularly in trendy hotels, restaurants or department stores.


The local currency in Cambodiais the riel but it is better to have dollars. All prices are quoted in dollars and all ATM offer you dollars. In fact when you travel in Cambodia, you pay in dollars and they give you money back in dollars and partly in riels for small change. Euros are sometimes accepted but the conversion is generally very disadvantageous because often the rule applied is 1 dollar = 1 euro. Thai baths are accepted at border checkpoints to pay for the visa (exchange rate applied is again far from interesting) but also quite often in areas close to the border with Thailand and in Battambang and Siem Reap . But again, better choose dollar!