Weather and climate in Cambodia

In Cambodia, there are essentially two periods in the year: the rainy season and the dry season. They also correspond to the low and the high tourist seasons. Temperatures are generally between 20 degrees and 35 degrees depending on the time of day.

November to early March is the dry season , the rains are rare and this is the better period to visit Cambodia.

March to early November is the rainy season. The monsoon is particularly strong in September. It is also a little warmer (over 30 degrees ) than during dry season.

From March to May rains are not that disturbing. It is often short showers in the afternoon so you can still travel in Cambodia and enjoy your trip.

From June to August , it is still very hot but the monsoon really begins. The rains are then fairly predictable and usually arrive in the afternoon or at night. So you can adjust your program of visits accordingly.

September to early November is the time the least recommended for a trip in Cambodia. Rains are more intense, especially in September and more or less important floods are not uncommon .