Kampong Chhnang

91 km from Phnom Penh
Population: - inhabitants

  Kampong Chhnang - kompong chhnang floating village

Rice fields and pottery village - Kampong Chhnang

GPS: 12.25330995,104.63552713
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Cambodia Rice Fields Kampong Chhnang

The Kompong Chhnang province is known for its pottery, its name means Port of Pottery. A few kilometers outside the city lies the small village of Ondong Rossey known for its red pottery. Here, people do not manufacture objects of decoration but useful pottery sold in the province but also in Phnom Penh. The inahibtants, potters or palm juice producers, sugar and alcohol producers, welcome you to their home and show you how they work with pleasure. Visiting this village and going around into the countryside and rice paddies makes nice bike or motorcycle tours.

Do not worry, it's not very long, you can make less than 7 km loop from the center of Kampong Chhnang and you will have the small mountain called Golden Mountain as a spot to find your way back. You can also add Phnom Santuk, a mountain on top of which there are a small temple to your tour.

Useful information:

You can easily do this tour by yourself or hire the services of a tuk-tuk driver. You will normally find them near the market or gas station. Otherwise, ask your guesthouse or hotel.
If you are going to discover the rice fields by yourself, it's pretty easy. In the upper right corner of the football field of the city you have a crossroads and two roads, one that continues straight and another on going on the right. They are the beginning and end of a loop in the plain with its rice fields and the Golden Mountain as a landmark for orientation. Quickly paved roads will be replace by red dirt roads less wide that eventually will go through the rice fields and the wooden houses of the peasants, potters and palm juice, sugar and alcohol producers.

Tip: remember to bring water as you will soon be surrounded with nothing else but fields and the few small shops that you will find in the road do not all sell drinks.

Note that there is another interesting tour to do, on the bank opposite to Kompong Chhnang. For this, you can board your bike on the ferry boat to cross the Tonle Sap (ask about time table) and then ride along the river to the bridge that will lead you back to the town. We could not test this tour because we missed the 11am ferry and the next one was at 4.30 pm but it was highly recommended to us.

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