Phnom Penh

0 km from Phnom Penh
Population: 2 200 000 inhabitants

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Wat Phnom - Phnom Penh

Wat Phnom Phnom Penh

A small hill crowned by an active wat (pagoda) marks the legendary founding place of Phnom Penh. The hill is the site of constant activity, with a steady stream of faithfuls trekking to the top and a constellation of vendors, visitors and motor taxis at the bottom. Elephant ride are available. The current temple was last rebuilt in 1926 and received a facelift in 1998. Legend has it that after a particularly heavy flood, a wealthy woman named Daun Penh found a tree on the banks of the Mekong with four statues of Buddha hidden inside.
She built a temple in 1434 to house the sacred relics. Today, Wat Phnom remains the highest artificial hill in Phnom Penh and the center of many forms of leisure activities.

Useful information:

Admission: 2 $/person
Elephant ride: 15 $

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